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  1. Prothom Alo | Most popular bangla daily newspaper - Home
    Ekhane pawa jabe sthanio ebong antorjatik khoborakhobor, ebong protidin ekti kore bishes pata.
    Mehdi Akram, Fahad - Al - Hasan Shafin, Mazedul Islam এবং অন্য একজন ব্যক্তি এটি পছন্দ করেছে

  2. eProthom Alo
    eProthomAlo 2011. Website ei Kagojer Amej. Prothom Alo provides trusted Bangladesh and International news as well as local and regional perspectives.

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    Prothom Alo. Most popular Bangla daily newspaper. Daily Manab Zamin. Bengali Tabloid Daily Newspaper Daily ManabZamin ...

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  8. Prothom Alo | Most popular bangla daily newspaper
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    Prothom Alo, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 470330 likes · 62856 talking about this.
    Bangladesh All News Pepar
    newa pepar bangladesh, online bd news, News line link, Online Oll News Pepar,Daly Online News Pepar bd, BD news online

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      In the modern world, newspaper is part and parcel of human civilization. As we are Bangladeshi, so the article represents about Bangla newspaper. They're found hardly a single man who won't know about newspapers. Specially the educated society can't go even a single day without it, as in our country, without news papers we can't think about the situation. It refers the news from home and abroad including sports, novel, books, and published in a paper by the editor. Think, every morning we expect a newspaper having a cup of tea.

      The introduction describes in the above. In this article, I am going to represent a brief description about Bangla newspaper. But at first let me describe about the origin of the newspaper including Bangladeshi Bangla News paper, history of both Bengali and English, the types of Bangladeshi newspaper, most Bangla daily newspaper.

      If we see the origin of the newspaper, we have to see the European entire world. The time when needed to deliver a news by writing at hand. The local merchant used to deliver the news by writing a letter each other. Though  the article is about Bangla newspaper, so it is recommended to express Bangladesh newspaper's history. But to need, Let me say its origin for proper thesis. For the record it before 1400's, this time the German society used to hold a published newspaper. A statics says that, in the present world, there are publishing 6580 daily newspapers. Now it is time to write the history of this sub continent area that India Bangladesh.  In this subcontinent, at first the journalism has grown up in India (especially in presently Kolkata).  A newspaper  named as " India Hickey's Bengal Gazette" considered the first published newspaper in the southern region. May we know al this name.  Bangla, Urdu, Hindi and Persian, this four newspapers are non-English newspaper , considered basically Bangla News paper published in there. Serampore, a region of Kolkata, there were published a lot of newspaper as like the birth of several language newspapers.  In addition, about 1818, Bengali journalism was grown up.  "Samachar Darpan" was the first published Bangla  Newspaper, in May 23,  from the relevant place Press of Seramore Mission. But at first, it was published as a monthly base by Carey and Marshman. But in very soon, it started to publish as weekly base newspaper as like holding  Bangla News. It holds both foreign and subcontinent news. But several incidents occurred, and it was ended in 1852. As like "Digdarshan" was published at the same time. "Sambad kaumudi", this was maintained by Rammohan Roy. If we say about first Bengali daily newspaper then it in none but "Sambad Pravakar", published in 1839, under the maintenance of Iswar Chandra Gupta. From Dhaka, "Rangpur Bartabaha" was the first weekly  Bangla newspaper. But from the 19th century, it was published all regions of the country.

      Bangla News Paper

      I hope the history should clear to all. Now its time a civilized world, now the newspaper filled with a several division. Each part carries different news and different categories. For instance, we can see there is a separate page of editor's, various ads also published, having a recreation part, also sometimes a comic or funny magazine is attached to it. In the phenomenon, let me tell, by daily, by weekly, by monthly, & yearly newspaper is available in Bangladesh. This article doesn't need to show  all Bangla news papers, I just write about some relevant numbers of Bangla Newspaper. The article title is Bangla newspaper Bangladesh, so it is needed to describe Bangla news paper. A statics are established there is found 39 daily Bangla newspaper throughout the country. But the most relevant daily Bangla news papers are the daily Prothom Alo, Ittefaque, Inqilab, jugantor, Bangladesh Protodin, Manob Jomin, Jonokontho etc. I am going to describe the historical background of those relevant Bangladesh Daily newspapers.

      Bangladesh Newspaper

      Bangladesh newspaper Prothom Alo, it is a type of broadsheet published newspaper. The owner of this newspaper is Transcom group. The publisher and editor of this newspaper is Matiur Rahman. It is founded in November 4, 1998. Now it's the most popular and read newspaper across the country. Published form Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan bazaar Dhaka. In the year of 2009 in January, Bangla newspaper Prothom Alo crosses above 435000 circulation. Basically this newspaper fight for women's rights, acid violence. The principle Of this Newspaper is " Bodle Dao, Bodle Jao." Bangladesh newspaper Ittefaq, is mentioned as the  2nd largest and most read  Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. It is  also said that at the present time, this is the oldest published Bengali news  papers . It has broadsheet and online edition,. Owner of this newspaper is an Ittefaq Group of Publications Ltd. The founders are Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani and Yar Mohammad Khan . Publisher name is Mohibul Ahsan Shawon and editor is Anwar Hossain Manju . Published from 40, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka 1205; Kazlarper Demra, Dhaka 1232,Dhaka.  This was first  published in 1953 as a weekly newspaper. Everybody knows, in the time of our liberation war, Bangla newspaper  Ittefaq has a tremendous role to achieve our desired destiny. So it is considered that this newspaper has a different historical significance. Daily Jugantor Bangla Newspaper, it has also Broadsheet publisher. The publisher name is Salma Islam. Published from Daily Manabzamin 12/7 Uttar Kamlapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh .  The title of this newspaper, " Sotto Prokashe Aposhin". Thus , Jugantor Bangla newspaper is very popular for rural people.  It has various features that make it something different.  As like Protimoncho, Bicchu, tara Jhil mil, khelar Mela, sastho kushol etc.

      BBC Bangla news,  or Bangla News has also some relevant steps about the field of  journalism in Bangladesh.  But in very early in 2011, "Kaler Kontho" founded by Abed khan. This newspaper considers the brave newspaper across the country. Because Abed Khan Personally a brave journalist.  The Bangladesh Protidin newspaper is also a relevant newspaper.  This is only daily newspaper. But if we consider all bengali newspapers, there will come some relevant magazine also, named Anondobazar Potrika, Bichitra, Suveccha, etc. its published generally monthly and the basic outcome is to give recreation to civil public. Now in this internet time Bangla newspaper online  also available. It refers to web newspaper, that found in the internet or website.  You can get here all update news before publishing.  Just visit the providing  website after 12.00 am, all updates and features are available then.  You may also read newspaper articles, there you find all Bangla news paper. We are Bangladeshi, we have our own Bangla Newspaper.  I agree that sometimes some newspaper publishes wrong information. Or sometimes they published the news for someone benefits. We know newspaper must release  true and natural news. It is responsible for some illegal journalist, who are politically involved. It is recommended to escape from those illegal activities.

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